Quality escrow services under the same roof... we are devoted to providing the highest level of service, professionalism, and integrity to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction process!

The purpose of an escrow company is to allow a seller to transfer property to a buyer, per a contractual agreement, through a neutral party (escrow) which assures no funds or property will change hands until all terms of the agreement have been met. United Capital Escrow is the in-house escrow arm of California Standards Realty, and has a well established reputation of trust, expertise, quality service, and customer satisfaction.

United Capital Escrow is a full service escrow company and provides escrow services ranging from residential sales, to commercial property and exchanges. Our high caliber escrow officers are creative problem solvers who provide timely, responsive, and quality service. As an industry leader, United Capital Escrow is committed to continuously developing better ways to deliver escrow services and streamline the transaction process for our clients, through innovation and technology. We look forward to being the escrow company of choice for all of your real estate endeavors, and providing you a level of integrity, customer service, and an overall experience that is second to none!